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Benefits of SPA. Why it can be interesting for users?

Nowadays a lot of development contractors have enough technologies to convert behavior of traditional site into native application of operating system. To do this, all changes on web-site page are making using scripts and request for server use AJAX. To open such site user needs to load its page and all changes on page which don’t need any new data are implementing faster because they don’t wait for inquiry processing on server. Such conception of web-site derived it’s name SPA(Single Page Application). Single Page Application try to take the best from web-site and native application.

Benefits of SPA:

  • Rich functionality interface
  • Significant reduction of load on the server.
  • Significant simplification of logic and complexity of server.
  • Similarity applications with native OS applications.
  • Quick response interface.

Other advantages

Moreover other advantages of SPA are multiplatforms, needless of installing and the ability to remote                     settlements. Also It doesn’t take place on the hard drive.

Such kind of site will be interesting for users because in spite of it’s name the bottom line of SPA is not to limit pages of web-site but to give this site feeling of native application in way of privation of reboot and transfer reproducing logic from server to client reducing dependence of site from server and internet connection.

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