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Content vs. Website design

Web-development is a process of creating website or web-application. The main steps of the creating website is wed-design, typesetting, programming for the web on client and server side. Today it is valuable to find the website where we could be satisfied both with content and design. Again and again we deal with a luxurious design and poor set of information or in reverse. Let’s find the answers to some questions.

Is it really important?

Definitely, yes. Website design should be based on users’ needs, preferences and desired result of visiting web-site. Users’ demands and websites’ ability have to cooperate with each other but without coding trends and prepackaged templates.

What should be done first: designed theme or content?

Many people complain on inconvenient web design of their favourite or extremely important site because of infinite scroll, hamburger menus, hero images, video backgrounds, and motion which make it difficult to look through the information on the website. Website owners are in hurry for the design trends and always compete with the other websites, so very often they lose track of the actual website visitor. Jeffrey Zeldman said, ‘Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration’. If you want to impress your visitors, impress them with content of your site. Do not force yourself to match your content to the website theme or design. Do it vice versa. If graphic design is very important, it must take place at the right time within the project to demonstrate your website, content and offering in the best light possible. Messaging and contest are foundation of the web-site. So think it through and document it well before any colors, fonts and layouts.

How to choose the right person for helping you with web-design?

Your contest is not obliged to be written, because it is very difficult task to accomplish. It is very important to have a proficient graphic designer who knows how to make your website readable, interesting and attractive. Hiring a web-developer is very important step. It has to be a person who creates an online face of your company and makes it easier to communicate with your clients virtually. It is crucial for web-developer to have traits like versatility, adaptability, risk-taking and a self-starter personality. These features may be less important at a large company, so do not pay attention to his experience. The younger worker is, the more ideas he has, the more creative he is.

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