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Dynamic and static websites. Pros and cons.

All sites are divided into static and dynamic ones according to their structure and capabilities. If you create static site all content of its online resource will be stored at the site and If you create a dynamic site, then all the information will be stored separately from the basic information on the site.

Static websites.

Nowadays, creating a site of this type is carried out several times faster than dynamic online resource. You can create a unique design of each page resource. You have an opportunity to adjust page layout using Photoshop, but it requires a basic knowledge of programming languages ​​and work with a graphics editor.
But there are still some cons in creating static sites. Most of these sites are used when creating a Landing Page as well as in the case when there is no need to update the pages regularly. If you still can not do without change you should adjust other pages of online resource after change the information on one page. You need it for quick identification of search engines.

Dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites have their own and quite complex structure. The information in it is stored in a separate directory, which is located directly on the host. Also, it is automatically generated all code pages.

When measured by value, the dynamic site quite expensive. To reduce the cost of creating and maintaining this type of site you need to use the same type of page. If you prefer a catalog page, then all  the information on the site will have a limited amount. To fill the site it should be used only quality content and slightly modify the code of each page to ensure visibility of all search engines.


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