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Importance of SEO

SEO is a series of activities the main goal of which is to achieve ranking positions of sites in search engines using certain keywords or phrases, interesting and relevant from the point of view of the relevant sphere of business relations. This is achieved by controlling and improving the “criteria for locating objects in order of importance”, that is, factors that, when taken together and analyzed by the search algorithm, lead to a more advantageous position on the pages displaying the search result.

There are 2 main factors in site’s ranking:

  1. Site content;
  2. External links.

These factors explain the division of SEO optimization into both internal and external.

Internal site optimization

Internal site optimization (onpage seo) -is an improvement on the pages of the site from the point of search engines and users. The main task is to make the page as relevant as possible to the relevant search query or query group. It is very for the content to be unique and interesting for the readers. With competent internal optimization, you can achieve good results without external optimization, provided that the subject of the website is interesting and does not have many competitive sites in your region.

External optimization

External optimization is a set of activities aimed at obtaining targeted external links to your resource. Two factors are important here: external optimization should start after the site is optimized internally, and the second factor is that external links should be targeted. External optimization should occur gradually. That is, your site should gradually increase the mass of external links. A significant jump-like build of external links may be considered by search engines as spam and lead to totally unwanted results.

What is SEO aims?

SEO aims:

  • Increase SEO authority
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase organic web traffic
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase session duration
  • Increase pages per session
  • Increase conversions

SEO is vitally important, websites are continuously vying for attention and search engine placement.

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