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Usability. What does it mean?

Usability means convenience and simplicity in using of site. So you have a few minutes to say a lot to user and explain accessible what he needs to do and where necessary information is. You should take into consideration that users don’t read texts on sites like newspapers they look through it very quickly. «More easily-more better» it is typical principle for usability.


Speaking about navigation it is recommended to do the same navigation on all pages. On all pages should be a logo or site name (it usually “hang” with links to the main page).The traditional location of the logo – the upper left corner.

Internal search

One more important thing is an internal search. To make it comfortable you should follow next rules. Firstly, search form should be placed on all pages in the upper region (traditionally-the upper right corner). Secondly, making the search results page should be close to pages of global search engines including entry field filled with request and results list which contain the title.

Home page

Home page-is site’s face. It should explain what this site is for and what it was designed for generally these functions are performing using the slogan and the text greeting. Also home page should include review your site’s content, such attractive offers, latest articles and review services, such as authorization, subscription to the newsletter. Moreover it is desirable to have periodically updated information, news announcements and blog on home page. And the last thing is the text and its design. Try to write short texts. You can start writing the text of the main findings than write further studies and reasoning. Try to keep the most interesting and useful piece of information at the top of the content area it should be available without scrolling of pages.

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