About Working Here

While working with us you will always evolve as a professional, communicate with people who respect and appreciate you and become a happier person in general.

Work remotely

If you love to work from home - that’s not a problem, you can work from any spot in the world.

Flexible hours

You can work at any time of the day (or night) that suits your lifestyle the most.

Learning and development

If you feel like there is something you need to learn to make your work even better — we are always happy to provide you with the online course or any educational materials.


Future Members of our team

Here is the list of people we are looking for and if you already feel like a member of our team — don’t be shy and message us.

We are immediately hiring for a position of a Junior Front-End Developer. The purpose of this role is both delivering best practice service and learning. From your first month you will learn to understand what can be done better for client’s business needs and how to improve company’s service. From our side we guarantee the development of not only your hard skills, but also soft skills. You will have access to best courses and have support from experienced developers.

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We are immediately hiring for a position of a Junior Sales Manager. The purpose of this role is both making deals and learning. All you need in first months is you inspiration to work in IT sales field. You will learn psychology basics, understand the market better, and get to know the whole cycle of the development process. Understanding customer’s business needs and understanding what we can offer will be your main responsibilities. If you already know how to do it, then we expect it to be done, if don’t – you will learn with us!

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